Various aspects of Al-Haadi Interior Designer Services

Interior Designing

  1. Designing of the entire premise with different options of drawings and with complete details.
  2. We may plan as per Vaastu (Direction, Weight, Colour and Energy)
  3. Measured Elevations with material details and Sections.
  4. Prospective 3D view and walkthroughs etc can be provided on demand.
  5. All designs will be computer generated drawings.
  6. All designs as per exact measurement of premises and clients requirement and budget.
  7. Hire the Top interior designer in Indore


  1. Consult Al-haadi Interiors for SPACE PLANNING (Interior & Architectural services).
  2. We are approved Interior Design Consultant & Best Architects in Indore.
  3. We always give strength to our staff resources to cope with a widening platform of service and are also constantly updating our office automation with modern day technology and advance computer programming which is used to facilitate interior design, drafting, estimations, and analysis and project control.


  1. Supervision of site done combined by the client and the designer for smooth flow.
  2. Taking into the account the budgetary constraints given by our clients, we try and save the cost by tastefully enhancing the design scheme utilizing the existing furniture.
  3. Hassle free and SAVE YOUR MONEY.
  4. Supervisor’s visiting as per schedule for smooth flow of site and Designer’s visiting as required.

Execution (Of Turnkey Projects)

  1. Full Carpentry and Carving.
  2. Electrical, Electrical fittings, Mainboard, 3- Phase cabling.
  3. Civil, Walls, Plastering, Flooring, R.C.C. Work, PCC work.
  4. Computer Networking, Telephone Networking, EPBX system, KTX systems.
  5. Air-conditioning, Ducting, Split units, Window’s ACs.
  6. Wall POP, Ceiling POP, Gypsum partition, Gypsum False ceiling.
  7. Al-Windows, Polymer windows, Wooden Windows, Steel Windows.
  8. Plumbing, Sanitary, Exterior PVC Piping, Overhead tanks.
  9. Painting, Texture, Wall effects, Murals. Furniture Polishing, Melamine, DUCO, PU, Lamination.
  10. Landscape and Gardening.
  11. Sculpture Artists, Wall Paintings.
  12. Exterior Wall treatments, Wall textures.
  13. Waterproofing, Membrane coating, Canopies, Awnings.
  14. Steel and M.S. fixture, Steel Railings, Steel grills, Steel gates.
  15. Aluminum composed panels.
  16. Upholstery, Tapestry, Curtains, V-blinds, Roller blinds, Roman blinds.
  17. We are well versed with many latest products relevant to the occupation.